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Welcome to Emergency Mitigation Services. When life brings the unexpected, our team of emergency restoration experts is here to help. We provide fast, professional, friendly mitigation services following events such as fires, floods, and storms. To restore your residential or commercial property back to normal, call EMS.




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EMS – Your Anchor in the Storm

Unforeseen disasters require not just professional intervention but a companion who understands your journey. At EMS, we are not just service providers but your neighbors, committed to standing by you from the immediate response to the joyous moment of restoration. Your peace, safety, and comfort are our mission. In the eye of the storm, find solace in EMS – where expertise meets empathy, and restoration is a journey shared.

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Peace of Mind Amidst the Chaos – We’re Here for You

rapid response time and 24:7

Rapid Response Time and 24/7 Availability

When disaster strikes, every moment counts. EMS is your neighbor, situated in Kansas City, Lenexa, Lawrence, and Blue Springs. Our local presence enables us to be on-site promptly, making the crucial difference in preventing further damage and initiating the restoration process. We’re on standby 24/7, ensuring you’re not alone, and help is always within reach, regardless of the hour.


Restoration to Normalcy with Insurance Coordination

We understand that your home is not just a structure but a space filled with memories and sentiments. EMS is committed to making the journey back to normalcy as seamless as possible. Our team not only focusses on restoring your cherished home to its former glory but also aids in navigating the intricate insurance claims process. We manage the documentation and liaise with insurance providers to ensure a speedy and hassle-free claim approval, alleviating your stress in challenging times.

Professional Expertise and Empathetic Support

Professional Expertise and Empathetic Support

At EMS, technical excellence and human empathy go hand in hand. Our certified technicians bring top-notch expertise in addressing water, fire, smoke, and mold damage with precision and care. We recognize the emotional upheaval a disaster can bring; hence, our team is trained to offer personalized, empathetic support throughout the restoration journey. With EMS, you’re not facing the aftermath alone – we are your allies, blending professional mastery with a human touch to restore both your home and peace of mind.



Faster To Any Size Disaster


Faster To Any Size Disaster


Faster To Any Size Disaster


Faster To Any Size Disaster


Faster To Any Size Disaster


Faster To Any Size Disaster


When Water, Fire, or Mold Strikes: The Unwanted, Unexpected Crisis

A Soggy Mess? When Water Puts Life on Pause

One moment, your home is a sanctuary of warmth and memories; the next, it’s an arena of soaked belongings, damp walls, and unsettling silence. The unexpected intrusion of water can swiftly convert everyday life into a chaotic pause. No warning, no signs, and suddenly, every plan, every routine is submerged under a wave of urgency and uncertainty. Your home, your haven, is now a landscape of anxiety and disorder. Each room echoes the question – what now?

Overwhelmed and Underwater – A Nightmare No Homeowner Wants to Face

Drenched carpets, swelling wood, and the alarming rise of potential mold set a ticking clock, turning every moment into an escalating cost and health risk. A cascade of questions floods your mind. Who can help? How quickly can life return to normal? Amid the disarray, facing the devastation alone is a prospect as dampening as the walls around you.

Wave Goodbye to Water Damage with EMS!

Here’s where Emergency Mitigation Services steps in as your beacon through the tempest. Armed with expertise, experience, and equipment, we’re committed to restoring not just your house – but your home. Every wall dried, every memory preserved, and every corner revitalized – we ensure that the water’s unwelcome invasion is met with a formidable defense and restoration force.



Flooding, burst pipes, overflowing toilets, storms, and leaking appliances can all cause major water damage. Quick action from EMS minimizes the amount of destruction to your structure.



Lightning, electrical malfunctions, space heaters, and kitchen accidents have the potential to cause devastating fire damage. EMS will secure your structure and mitigate the damage caused by fire, smoke, and water.



Common midwestern weather events like thunderstorms, tornadoes, snowstorms, and hailstorms can cause long-lasting structural damage with flooding, fallen limbs, and roof damage. Call EMS to help clean up storm damage and restore your home or business.



A mold infestation caused by leaks, high humidity, blocked gutters, or inadequate roof ventilation can result in hazardous air quality. Unless eradicated, this toxic air can lead to major health problems. EMS technicians will safely clean up the mold and restore healthy air conditions.



When you need help right away, call EMS. Our teams are ready to provide rapid response in emergency situations such as sewage problems, broken windows, compromised roofs, vandalism, and many others.

Let us introduce ourselves.

Emergency Mitigation Services is a locally owned and operated disaster remediation and restoration company serving businesses and homeowners throughout the Kansas City metro, northeast Kansas, and northwest Missouri areas. Our goal is to get your life back to normal after you experience disaster. Our highly trained staff moves quickly to help you recover from a range of disasters including fire, water, mold, and storm damage.

What is damage mitigation and remediation?

Damage mitigation is the process of reducing or preventing damage caused by elements such as water, fire, weather, or mold. Remediation is the process of fixing the damage that has already occurred. In layman’s terms? We are here to prevent further damage and fix the problem.

Damage Mitigation: This is the first step, aimed at preventing further damage from elements like water or fire. It’s about acting fast to minimize harm, such as extracting water or boarding up windows for immediate protection.

Restoration: This is the first step, aimed at preventing further damage from elements like water or fire. It’s about acting fast to minimize harm, such as extracting water or boarding up windows for immediate protection.

Remediation: This step addresses the root causes of damage, like mold removal, ensuring a safe and healthy environment. Remediation makes sure the issue is fully resolved, preventing future problems.

In simplified terms, mitigation prevents further damage, restoration repairs the property, and remediation tackles the underlying issues, ensuring a safe environment. Together, these processes offer a comprehensive approach to property damage recovery.






Act fast to immediately stop the water source if safe, and contact your insurance company to start the claims process. It’s also crucial to document the damage with photos for evidence.

Hidden water damage often manifests in subtle ways before becoming a major issue. You might notice discoloration or dark spots on ceilings and walls, a musty or moldy smell, or peeling paint and wallpaper. Another telltale sign is unexpectedly high water bills, which could indicate a leak. Regular inspections, especially after heavy rain or plumbing issues, can help catch hidden damage early.

Professionals use specialized equipment like dehumidifiers and fans to remove excess water and moisture from building materials.

Prioritize safety and evacuate if necessary. Do not touch or walk through the floodwater. Contact emergency services and your utility company to shut off electricity if needed and seek high ground until authorities say it’s safe.

Restoration involves:

  • Water extraction.
  • Drying.
  • Repairing damaged materials like hardwood floors.
  • Assessment of overall damage, and sanitizing to prevent mold growth.

The duration of the water damage restoration process can vary based on the extent and type of damage. Typically, water extraction and drying can take 3-5 days for moderate situations. However, the overall restoration, which includes repairs, replacing damaged items, and addressing potential mold issues, can extend the process to several weeks. It’s crucial to work with professionals who can provide a clear timeline based on your specific circumstances.

Whether your insurance covers water damage restoration largely depends on the cause of the damage and the specifics of your policy. Generally, sudden and accidental damages, like a burst pipe, are often covered. However, gradual damages, such as leaks that have been ignored over time, may not be. It’s essential to review your policy, understand the coverage limits, and maintain regular communication with your insurance provider to ensure a smooth claims process.

You may salvage personal belongings, such as furniture, electronics, and items you can clean and dry correctly. However, porous materials like carpets might need replacement.

DIY attempts might miss hidden moisture, leading to mold and structural damage. It is best to rely on professional water extraction and restoration services for safety and thoroughness.

Professionals use a combination of advanced technology and expertise to determine the extent of water damage. They employ moisture meters, infrared cameras, and hygrometers to detect hidden moisture in walls, floors, and ceilings. A thorough inspection will also involve checking behind appliances, inside cabinets, and other potential hidden areas. Properly assessing the damage is crucial not only for effective restoration but also to prevent future complications like mold growth.